Quality Comes First

Two key ingredients of Milkshop drink are 100% fresh milk and strictly selected loose tea leaves. In order to ensure the highest level of food safety, Milkshop spontaneously tests key ingredients in third-party labs.

Water, the Unseen Secret

Milkshop insist to install the multi-filter water system in each store even in overseas. The filtered water only obtains goodness including nutritious minerals.

The Freshest Taste At Milkshop

We only make drinks as ordered so we can keep the best freshness of each Milkshop cup by following strict standard of making process from our drink innovation team.

We are passionate bubble tea drinkers and we care about what we consume.

"Healthy" is not probably a word people normally associate with bubble tea, yet we are challenging that notion by doing things with the utmost care and providing what we believe is the best product. Using top-quality milk and ingredients, we are striving to bring you the best bubble tea all around the world. 

White Pearls
Without Coloring

The pearls used across our beverages are free from artificial preservatives, additives and coloring. They are delivered fresh from Taiwan and cooked instore by our staff every morning. A perfect bowl of honeyed pearls take at least 90 minutes to cook, but they are well worth it.

High Quality Tea

We source high quality loose leaf tea from various regions around the world. Our tea leaves are brewed and tested regularly for quality control. The water used across all our stores go through a multi-filter filtration process. This all goes on behind the scenes, but we believe in providing the best quality we can for our discerning customers.

Selected Taros
From Best Region

Another key ingredient is Milkshop’s fresh taro milk where the unique taro is imported from the Dajia District in Taiwan, famous for its taro farming, is smashed by hand and then blended with fresh milk. Wiith each sip you will taste the natural flavor of taro.

There is a lot which goes on behind the scenes, including using water that goes through a multi-filtration process in every store. But we believe in providing the best quality ingredients for our discerning customers