Story Of Milksha

This cup of drink is devoted to every encounter on the way

At 4 o’clock in a normal morning, the cows’ mooing breaks the quietness in the sky. There is still the green grass fragrance after the night rain in the air. This is the signal that the calves are going to be born.Today’s ranch is lively and busy, full of the joy of new life. The drink makers twists off the cap lightly and tears off the seal of a bottle of fresh milk from Green Light Ranch and adds taro paste at the perfect proportion.Without hesitation, all procedures are completed in one go. The simple, agile, and superb performance takes place for numerous times at the shops of Milkshop every day.Like the white, pure, and natural milk, this cup of drink is made for our children. It’s a miracle that the hand-shaken drink shops without using any creamer powder can last until today.With your support, Milkshop now expand all over Taiwan and walk toward the world. We use “Milksha” as our oversea brand from 2018 since the first store established in Hong Kong.For the insistence on natural ingredients, we all know that the simpler it looks, the more difficult as it is to put it into practice.Milkshop drinks are tasty and pure. Originating from the Taiwanese dairy farmers’ love for the land, Milkshop has never changed all the way. We are serious in making best products and always believe that some day we will be seen.

  • Growing Over 200 shops in Taiwan
  • Milkshop Used Brand of "Milksha" Entering International Market
  • First Oversea Store Opened in Hong Kong
  • Expanded to Australia, Canada, Macau, Japan, and Singapore
  • More excitements to Come
  • The First Milk-themed Drink Store Open in Jia Li, Tainan Taiwan.
  • Trademark of Milkshop International Officially Registered
  • Milkshop Innovation Lab Established
  • Milkshop Started Franchising Business
  • Initiated “Green Light ” CSR Project