Milksha 101 Edition Drinks

02/01/2024 In a remarkable fusion of authenticity, innovation, and handcrafting, Milksha, Taiwan's leading handcrafted bubble tea brand, inaugurates its latest landmark store at Taipei 101. Situated on the observatory floor, this store offers an exclusive '101 Edition' of drinks, specially crafted for visitors from around the world.

This landmark store, designed by renowned architectural firm Lincoln Lighthill Architect based in the San Francisco Bay Area, draws inspiration from both Milksha's curving aesthetics and structural elegance of Taipei 101. Going beyond typical service counters, the design seamlessly integrates the tea-making process, creating a visually outstanding and immersive environment. Sustainable wood paneling against Milksha green walls sets the stage for a unique experience that complements the high-quality drinks Milksha serves.

On the opening day, Milksha introduced an innovative touch to the customer experience with the BOBABOT, an AI-powered robot collaborated with LOVOT developed by GROOVE X, a Japan-based robotics company. Acting as the store manager for a day, the BOBABOT greeted and interacted with visitors, who were all charmed by this adorable little robot.

Highlights of Exclusive Milksha 101 Edition Drinks:

Uva Black Tea Latte with Honey Pearl: A unique blend featuring Uva black tea, picked from one of the world's top tea origins is enhanced with innovative tea extraction techniques, promising a sensational taste experience. Accompanied by handcrafted honey pearls, free from preservatives and artificial colors, this drink ensures a pure and refreshing experience

Mango Smoothie with bobo ball: Experience the 101 Special Edition Mango Smoothie. Crafted with Taiwan's beloved Irwin mango and other carefully selected varieties, it strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. Paired with Milksha's crispy bobo balls, each sip is a delightful surprise.

The Milksha 101 store at Taipei 101 Observatory promises not just handcrafted beverages but an elevated experience. Join us in celebrating Milksha's commitment to premium quality, innovation, and handcrafted beverages.

【About Milksha】 Established in 2008, Milksha, one of Taiwan's most popular beverage brands, proudly operates over 450 stores worldwide. Recognized by the Yushan National Award for Best Popularity in both 2023 and 2024, and earning a 3-Star rating at the 2023 Anti-Additive Taste Awards as well as the ITI Excellent Flavor Award, Milksha continues to set the benchmark for premium handcrafted beverages on a global scale.

The Milksha 101 store at Taipei 101 Observatory